In 2007 three young men gathered to create what would prove this years's newcomer in post-rock music. They formed a dynamic sound vision of modern rock music. Aside from all the pop-commercial borders and conventions Sebastian Sperl. Johannes Bert and Tobi Vogel recorded their debut Kra! during a cold and wet german summer. Suchtmaschine's long atmospeheric soundscapes have been supported by some musical colleagues. Together they created an enormous sophisticated variety in form, structure and sound. Multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel (Hilips Records) contributed Bass,Rhodes and Synthie-visions, while Violinist Flo Waibel granted the long tracks from Suchtmaschine an orchestrated character. Their long tracks have the perfect mix of repetition and development over a strong sense of rhythm. Influences from the Psychedelic veterans of the 70s combined with a futuristic atmosphere and Post-Rock influences of the new century, "Suchtmaschine" found its place in its own musical heaven.